Meet the owners of ivy&loom, Meredith and Bahram. We are a husband and wife team who shares a love of travel, nature and culture. Bahram is Persian and grew up watching his mom weave Persian rugs on their home loom. He loved to watch her and loved when she taught him how each little knot becomes such an intricate piece of art. He has a passion for teaching his American friends and family about the process of rug making and enjoys sharing his culture through ivy&loom.

We lived and traveled extensively through Turkey where we explored rug bazaars and soaked up the culture.

I have always loved interior design and decorating my home. I became enamored with rugs and the process of rug making on travels throughout Morocco, Turkey and Armenia. When we met, we discussed a dream of someday having a rug shop and now our dream has finally come true!

When we got married, we had a traditional Persian wedding and we looked extensively for a rug to rent for our ceremony but couldn’t find a local business that rented rugs for events. Luckily, we were able to borrow one from a kind person! However, we decided then and there that we’d also love to rent rugs for weddings to make your day that much more special.

We are looking forward to working with you to find the perfect rug for your home or special event!

Sincerely, Bahram & Meredith